DJ was great!…Don’t go with anyone else!

My DJ was great! he met with me in a convenient place a week or two before the wedding and gave me a free CD of classical music to choose what I wanted to walk down the aisle to. He was professionally dressed the day of, and practiced everyone’s names for the grand entrance so he didn’t mess up.

On the day of my wedding I had hired a dance instructor to come and teach swing to everyone and he never bothered to show up. My DJ helped me stall with the guests while I figured out how to do damage control. The dance instructor was going to bring some music but since he never showed up I had to improvise and my DJ pulled out some great songs that my guests loved. Everything turned out great.

After the wedding He was available If I had any questions but he covered everything so well that I didn’t. My cousin loved him so much that she hired him for her own wedding that I was her bridesmaid in this April and he did an excellent job there as well. He is inexpensive and professional. He has as variety of music and is worth every penny. Don’t go with anyone else!

KeladryWedding: 11/12/07